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795 CHS FLEX Heel seat and side laster

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1、Heel seat, side and ball/waist area lasting by rod hot melt cement

2、Colour multilingual programmable touch screen

3、100 available programs

4、Shoe size reco nition

5、Programmable tracing run

6、Automatic cycle starting

7、Programmable wipers for opening-closing

8、Programmable wipers for left-right position (*)

9、Wipers with programmable temperature

10、Programmable side groups position for height and inclination

11、Side groups with 8 elements (*)

12、Pair of pincers with independent vertical draft

13、Additional pair of pincers with independent vertical draft (*)

14、Cycle for boots

15、Last post outward movement with blocked shoe

16、Last post with exclusive flexing

17、Programmable last post with adjustable ring nut

18、Last post for special lasts (*)

19、Heel band adjustable pressure

20、Pads to lock the uppers

21、Work in 2 phases

22、End of thermocement alarm

23、Electronic self-test                                 .

24、Safety photoelectric cells (*)

25、Work with four-layer of side is perfect work in the side group

26、Extreme quickness for the work changes