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795 FLEX Heel seat and side laster

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1、Automatic computer program heel seat , side last , heel seat, side and ball/waist area lasting by rod hot melt cement with automatic heel seat tacking

2、Colour multilingual programmable touch screen,100 available programs .

3、Automatic shoe size recognition .

4、Programmable tracing run

5、Tacking with inclined drivers

6、In/out adjustable tacking position

7、In/out adjustable heel band position , heel band adjustable pressure

8、Programmable adjustments of the toe support

9、Programmable last post with adjustable ring nut

10、Programmable side groups position for height and inclination ,side groups adjustable according to height and inclination of the last .

11、Side groups with 8 elements (*)

12、Additional pair of pincers with independent vertical draft (*)

13、Cycle for boots

14、Last post outward movement with blocked shoe

15、System for Goodyear welt work (*)

16、End of thermocement alarm

17、Electronic self-test

18、Safety photoelectric cells (*)

19、Additional tack loader for tacking until 4 different lengths of tacks (*)